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Dystopian Summer: Hannover

Wir freuen uns, Euch heute ein weiteres Konzert in unserer DYSTOPIAN SUMMER Reihe ankündigen zu können: Am 22.08. spielen wir auf der Sommerbühne KOMMRAUS in Hannover…

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Wir möchten uns sehr bei Euch für die großartige Unterstützung bedanken, die uns in der letzten Woche erreicht hat. Viele von Euch haben uns sehr…

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Dystopian Summer Open Air

Wir freuen uns, Euch endlich 2 Open-Air Konzerte (mit Hygienekonzept ) für diesen Sommer ankündigen zu können!02.07. FRIEDRICHSHAFEN – Caserne (mit special guest Dunkelsucht)03.07. MÜNCHEN…

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18 hours ago

Heute freuen wir uns besonders, Euch unser "Dystopian Livestream Event" (www.facebook.com/events/1617216638476576) ankündigen zu können.
Am 14.08. spielen wir live und Ihr schaut uns dabei zu, wo auch immer Ihr gerade seid. Das Konzert wird mit großem technischen Aufwand umgesetzt und wir haben natürlich auch etwas Besonderes dafür vorbereitet.
Es gibt verschiedene Ticket- Kategorien, aber in allen ist die Pre-Show, das Live Konzert und 48 Stunden Replay on demand enthalten. Zusätzlich gibt es Hardtickets, ein exklusives Eventshirt und ein Platinum Ticket mit Meet & Greet via Zoom.
Alle Infos auf www.solarfake.de und auf solarfake.live4you.net

Natürlich gibt es heute auch eine neue Podcast Episode, in der wir unter anderem über das neu bestätigte Konzert in Hannover und über das Streaming Event reden. Und natürlich viel viel mehr. Nächstes Mal haben wir Axel Ermes (The Cassandra Complex, Girls Under Glass, Cancer Barrack) als Gast. Bitte schickt uns Eure Fragen an ihn bis Dienstag, 18:00 an podcast@solarfake.de
Unseren Podcast findet Ihr nach wie vor hier :
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About the livestream event: Even if you can’t hear anyone clap while you are performing, we are still sitting at home clapping 😉

PARTIAL TRANSLATION [...] A: What else do you have, any news or exciting things? S: Well, we just mentioned it very briefly as a side note last time, but we'll play another concert, in Hanover. J: Yes, we totally forgot to promote it properly. Tell us about Hanover, Sven! S: Well, the venue is called KOMMRAUS Sommerbühne, it's located at an open-air pool, this is certainly going to be cool. J: Mosquitos! A: Chlorine! S: And half a week ago I got the message that the first, - it was originally planned for 250 people -, and this amount was sold out after half a week already. J: Wow! You're crazy! S: And now they have actually increased it to 500, because the incidence numbers are still falling, and if it'll stay that way until then, what everybody expects, now they have tickets and approval for 500 people. And that's really nice. A: Cool! J: I hope the hint has reached our listeners... S: There are tickets for Hanover now! Yes, nice. We're happy about that. [...] J: Are there any other news about our concerts? Do people need to know anything? A: We've got an acoustic bass now. J: Yes! S: Yes. J: Even more acoustic. S: Yes. J: Then I'll play e-drums. As a principle. For the acoustic set. S: Exactly. And I'll sing playback. [laughter] No, of course not, just kidding! No, don't know. I hope they'll be totally nice. There are still tickets available for Friedrichshafen. Don't know exactly about Munich. I asked about it shortly before the podcast, but I didn't get the info in time. But tickets were running out even last time. J: I would be very disappointed, if... A: How many people are allowed to come? S: I think just like last time, 400. J: I'm looking forward to it a lot, because it was really cool last time. But I'm also looking forward to Friedrichshafen, because I did see the stage last time in the yard. And I thought, that's probably cool. A: I'm even looking forward to the rehearsal before. Finally, a band live feeling. S: And we even have two rehearsals before. J: Really? S: Yes, Wednesday and Thursday. [laughter] J: Good you mention it. A: By the way, at your studio, Jeans. Just in case you didn't know yet. J: I'll put it down in my calendar immediately. [...] I can't say how much I'm looking forward to it. Finally doing normal things again. [...] S: About the streaming event, this is going to be a live concert, on 14 August, and our dear fan club, or the members of our fan club are invited to send us questions for an interview. You can do that, and then we'll film an interview before, and there'll be footage from our setup etc., half an hour of insights behind the scenes. And then the concert begins at 20:00 pm. [...] All this will be included in all tickets. And it will be available on demand for 48 hours afterwards. [...] And then there's this great ticket including a meet and greet the next morning. J: In early morning, 8:30 am. [laughter] S: We haven't scheduled any specific time yet. We have to see how many will participate. But we'll have very small groups, so everybody can ask questions. It won't be too long, but 20-25 minutes per group. So you can have a chat with us the day after. That's the platinum ticket. [...] During the concert there will be some interaction with the audience as well, but we'll still have to find out how this works, what is feasible. Because, if you're doing boring music, you're be able to read comments meanwhile, but I cannot imagine that I'll be able to do that during the songs. [laughs] [...] S: [question by Nina] My first thought after the last sound onstage is... A: Thank god! S: [laughs] A: Because I'm so exhausted physically most of the time that I say I don't need another song now. Good that it's over now. I do recover quickly, but at that moment I’m happy to be able to breathe again. S: You need an oxygen tent next to the stage. One is getting to this age. For me it's always like, awesome! Woah, awesome! Because I'm always so thrilled about our great audience. How they play along, and how everything's going, I'm always so overwhelmed, especially at the end of the concert. Don't know, that's amazing. [...]

Podcast 😀😀

Schade, ausgerechnet am 14.08. spielen VNV Nation live in Magdeburg, aber vielleicht kann man den Stream ja später noch abrufen.

schon bestellt......ich freue mich.....und das T-Shirt will ich auch noch haben 😉

It's my birthday (14.08) .... and it will be the best gift 🖤❤

Und wieso ist der eine Bandname im Podcast ausgepiept? 😬

Naw fuck all this online shit. Why are we all still complying with the great reset? I’m done and I’m unfollowing any artists who keep virtue signaling with all this BS. This shit is cowardly. Don’t care anymore who gets mad about me saying it. You have a platform to stand up to this nonsense and you’re not using it. Not giving my money to you.

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